Utilize your patient database proactively and maximize revenue. Increase earning potential by staying in constant contact with your patients through relevant marketing, informational messages and much more.

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Electronic messaging to ensure you get
your patients business

Electronic messaging to increase revenue using your current patient database. Improve your workflow with automated or manual messages and send messages to stay top-of-mind, ensuring patients to remember your

Send reminders via text, email and calls

Reach your clients anywhere at their convenience. Maintain the ability to send urgent messages to all available points of contact while sending personalized ones to certain clients.

Intelligent messaging based on time, logic and individuals

Communicate when it is relevant for your business and make most sense for your clients. Use AutoRemind’s high-tech intelligent messaging platform to create custom messaging rules that work for you.

Extensive reporting tools

Enjoy our cutting-edge dashboard and reporting tools to make the right decisions in your communication strategy. By receiving our visual expert feedback, evaluate and make your decisions.


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